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ACRO-IPCC(ASP) is designed for SOHO or mid-size businesses that can not adopt call center solution cause of high price. We also provide ACRO-IPCC(System type) for enterprises that want to adopt customized Contact Center solution.

Solution Summary

ACRO-IPCC is divided by two types of IPCC solutions which are ASP type and System type.

Customized system type solution
System type solution are built in customer site. System includes basic system for contact center, and customized application based on customer request.
We consider the current customer contact center environment to provide the right solution for customer.

ASP type solution
SOHO or Mid-size enterprise is hard to adopt system type contact center because of high construction cost. Thus, Acromate offers ASP type IP Contact Center. All solutions are built in IDC center of ITSP. Service provider takes care of H/W and Maintenance. Customer does not need to pay for H/W maintenance fee because customer get IP contact center service over IP.
Only application and telephone will be set up in customer site for IPCC Service.

ACRO-IPCC is divided by two types of IPCC solutions which are ASP type and System type.

ACD (Call Distribution) feature
  • Intelligent ACD routing by condition
  • Skill-based Routing
  • customer information auto-printing on incoming call
  • real-time call incoming status and agent status
  • chatting/coaching service between agents
REC (Recording) feature
  • recording selection service of each agent
  • search/store additional service
  • various listening method
  • converting service as Wave File
IVR feature
  • provide required voice information according to DB
  • various scenario providing service for each incoming call
  • the number of waiting call guiding service
  • voice comment create/delete service
  • multiple comment service for particular date/day.
FAX feature
  • basic FAX service
  • IP type FAX system
  • service specification function for re-send time and interval
Statistics feature
  • status-change statistics of each agent
  • performance statistics of each agent
  • statistics about call number
  • Incoming/Outgoing call statistics of each agent
  • call statistics of each internal number
  • call statistics of each DNIS
  • call statistics of each day/time
  • Queue Statistics of each time
  • statistics related with service level
Agent Application feature
  • customizing service based on customer request