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ACRO-CSCF is an open API-based system which can provide various IP-based multimedia supplementary services by integrating standard IMS-SIP-based terminals for individuals, enterprises and home subscribers. P-/S-/I-CSCF in charge of call processing in an IMS network and HSS in charge of subscribers and service profiles are main components to provide diverse multimedia-based call processing services.


EMS Operations management, fault management, system management, configuration management
SCS statistics management servers
SIP compression processing and security-related IPSec processing
PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function) interworking
Emergency call sensing and processing
(LRF interworking and emergency call routing)
RRegistration process execution
Subscriber service profile load and service call control processing
Subscriber routing decision and call control
Visited network route routing decision and call control)
I-CSCF Visited network access management
HSS interworking, S-CSCF assigning/Routing
LDSS Load Distribution Server for SIP
LDSD Load Distribution Server for Diameter


Subscriber accommodating capacity
  • 2 million subscribers
Maximum call processing capacity
  • 5,000,000 BHCA (Busy Hour Call Attempt)
Maximum concurrent call processing capacity
  • 84,000 CC (Concurrent Call)