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C5 SSW & IP Centrex


ACRO-C5 SSW is composed of EMS for operation-related system setup and provisioning, SCX (SSW, SSW-EN and SSW-CNX) for subscriber registration, call processing and supplementary service execution and processing, LDS for clustering in case of system extension, and AS/MS for supplementary service delivery. Each system is able to configure blades or rack type servers. Major components has duplex configuration for providing stable services.


EMS Operations management, fault management, system management, configuration management
SCS statistics management servers
SSW Class4/5 basic call and supplementary service processing
UA/Trunk subscriber terminal acceptance and authentication
Call service related supplementary service logic execution
AS Application server, supplementary service logic execution
MS Media Server
Media services including announcement, IVR, VMS and MCU
SBC Session Boarder Controller
NAT Traversal for RTP and signaling


Subscriber accommodating capacity
  • Acceptance of 300,000 subscribers
Maximum call processing capacity
  • 2,250,000 BHCA (Busy Hour Call Attempt)
Maximum concurrent call processing capacity
  • 75,000 CC

    Major services

Call services for private subscribers Corporate call services for corporates/enterprises with affiliates Group-based routing table setting (Multi-Tenant) Supplementary services for private and corporate clients
  • Group-to-group extension call service
  • Call waiting service
  • Call Parking service
  • Forking service
  • Call restriction service
  • FMC service
  • VMS service
  • MRBT (Multi-RingBack Tone)
  • Call back to last caller
  • Call tracnsfer
  • DND
  • Call forwarding service
  • Call pick-up service
  • CID service
  • Auto Callback service
  • Speed dial service
  • IVR service (Optional service)
  • MCU service
  • UC service
  • Last number redial
  • Call Hold