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ACRO-IWS is an interworking server in charge of Class4-to-Class5 exchange device call interface in a donor network to provide interworking interface for introducing new devices and message interface between foreign exchange stations by operators running multiple exchange stations. By controlling TrGW additionally, it provides inter-terminal transcoding.


EMS Operations management, fault management, system management, configuration management
SCS statistics management servers
IWS SIP, IMS SIP, H.323, MEGACO, SIGTRAN internetwork interface
IPv6-to-IPv4 interworking
Network Topology Hiding
Network/Port Translation
Transport Plane Entity (TrGW) control
Signaling information screening
Signaling compensation for interworking
TrGW control through MEGACO
TrGW IPv6-to-IPv4 interworking
Media Translation (ex: AMR G.729)


Subscriber accommodating capacity
  • Class4 device unrelated to the number of subscribers
Maximum call processing capacity
  • 3,000,000 BHCA (Busy Hour Call Attempt)
Maximum concurrent call processing capacity
  • 100,000 CC (Concurrent Call, by normal calls)
  • 55,000 CC (Concurrent Call, by media transcoding)