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PSTN: public switched telephone network

Telephony network have been evolved from previous PSTN(Public Switched Telephone Network) to IP based Voice Over IP Network.The current IP telephony network is also converged to a new multi telephony system such as IMS, VoLTE to provide voice/video/data altogether. Acromate have the original technologies on VoIP products, IMS solution, and Unified communication products. we provide our product to ITSP, Enterprise, and SOHO.

Acro VoIP Solutions are developed to replace the previous PSTN based telephony solutions. Acromate provides our solutions divided by 4 product layers according to service types. Control layer products offer the control of main telephony & additional services. Service layer products offer the operation of additional service logic.

Transport layer products offer the transmission of voice & multimedia data. Lastly, Management layer products offer monitoring and system management parts.

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is the main technology for next generation telephony network. This Technology unifies all kinds of data communications such as Chat, File transmission, Presence, voice, and video which have been used over Internet platform. Thus, customers who use IMS technology can get the same service no matter what the terminal types(PC,Mobile,IP-Phone).

Acromate developed the commercial version of CSCFs & main entities for IMS. Our product provided to ITSP successfully.

UC(Unified Communication) Solution make the communication culture of Company improve by unifying mobile, telephone, and Messenger. It also provides a link service with groupware solution.

Acromate offers PC application solution and IP Phone for enterprise UC environment.

Acro-Media Engine (Voice & Video Engine) Software is easily adopted into any kinds of H/W platform and Operation System. AcroVoice should be the best choice for your audio device. All technologies are developed by our original technologies. Thus, we can give you the best customizing service (tuning, adopting and etc.).